Proven Heating Engineering Experience to Meet Today’s Requirements

Innovation in heating engineering is essential to everything. We understand that. Aqua-Tech’s heating engineers can provide direction, recommendations, support, design and even inspiration to your water heater or boiler project! With over 100 major systems in place you know you are working with experts.

By providing knowledgeable technical support, understanding our customers’ needs and by investing in an ongoing training and development program, Aqua-Tech continues its convention for excellence and helps its customers realize the greatest quality and value for their investment.

Expert Assistance – Wherever or Whenever Required

Since 1980, Aqua-Tech has been a trusted name in providing industry leading technology and designing innovative safe and dependable solutions. Our water heating and boiler product lines include commercial and residential gas fired and electric boilers, water heaters, pool and spa heaters, packaged systems and storage tanks.

Our registered heating engineers’ comprehensive knowledge of products, applications, and systems engineering requirements can provide you with on-site project reviews and hands-on engineering assistance as required.

Increased Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance

Talk with us today to learn how our heating engineers can help you design the best system for your customers.