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Aqua-Tech Sales and Marketing Inc. is launching Lochinvar & EC POWER Partnership product – XRGI25,
one of the most cutting-edge cogeneration product (Combined Heat and Power-CHP) to ever be
released in North America.

Using natural gas as a fuel, a commercial facility with a XRGI25 cogeneration system can produce both energy-efficient heat for supplemental space heating and / or domestic hot water and electricity to reduce energy consumption from external power sources.

Using an internal combustion natural gas engine, Micro CHP (< 50 kW/hr), is designed to be an efficient and easily installed system ideal for light commercial use such as multi-family residences, hotels, hospitals, colleges, restaurants, car washes and swimming pools, the XRGI25 aims to meet the growing need for enhanced efficiency and reduced energy waste in North America.

In Europe where a large percentage of electric generation capacity comes from cogeneration. There are over 7,500 XRGI25 Micro CHP units already installed.

What is Cogeneration - µCHP?

Cogeneration is the ability to produce heat and power from a single fuel source


µ = Micro (<50kW)

C = Combined

H = Heat

P = Power

The Lochinvar/AQUATECH™ Advantages

– Industry Reputations

– Best in Class Products

– High Efficiency Solutions

– Complete Package

Wolseley Distribution Strength

– Lower Electrical Expense

– Reduced Carbon Footprint

– A new path to market with a Complete Sales Network

– Over 7,500 Installations Worth of Experience

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Product is available from Wolseley.