Aqua-Tech Sales and Marketing Inc., announces Lochinvar/EC Power µCHP Systems offer the reliability of old age tried, tested, and true gas-fired engines (Toyota 4Y) to generate both Electricity and Hot Water on site with little distribution losses that traditional power grids and heating systems struggle with. Units can operate as one single stand-alone engine, or in a larger connected group with a central control system to monitor all engines and maximize efficiency to match base loads of thermally led systems. Overall efficiencies are able to reach 96% (thermal and electrical) when operating at full capacity. Can be tied into existing boiler loops, and operate as a “first on and last off” approach, which provides even more heating redundancy.


Popular sizes in Canada and North America are 19 kW and 25 kw per unit. Most systems paybacks vary from 3-6 years, depending on local grants and finding from government and utility incentives (wherever available). Engines are designed to last decades whereby maintenance only occurs once for a couple hours annually with minimum downtime.


Over 8,500 systems currently in use in Europe, primarily in Germany with very low CO2 emissions. Most popular sites and uses are: healthcare, correctional facilities, commercial laundry, car wash, university campuses, swimming pools, and snow melt systems.


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