Register one of our eligible Lochinvar®️Residential Boilers
Lochinvar®️ has announced an amazing NEW 2021/2022 VIP Contractor Program that is ready to launch October 1, 2021.

The VIP Contractor Program continues to offer installing contractors big rewards for registering eligible models, including:

-KNIGHT® Boiler (KB081-286, KH055-285, and WH055-400 models)
-EPIC™ Fire Tube Combi Boiler
-EPIC™ Fire Tube Boiler -Solution™ Boiler
-Squire® Indirect Water Heater
-Glass Lined Indirect Water Heater

The newly enhanced platform puts the VIP Contractor in the driver’s seat with complete reward control. Once the VIP has registered an eligible product by single submission or one of two quick and easy bulk submission processes, their rewards are instantly available for online redemption.

The VIP Reward Mall offers hundreds of options of gift cards to retailers, restaurants, and merchandise.

VIP’s are eligible to register products and get rewards for units they purchased in the past that have never registered before.

Easier product registration!

The VIP Installation Showcase kicks off October 1, 2021 and runs through March 31, 2022. VIP contractors can submit a photo and description of their eligible installation jobs for a chance to WIN a FREE KNIGHT boiler (up to KHB285 or WHB399).

Our panel of judges will choose one VIP first place grand prize winner each month based on the installation submitted. During this time frame, each VIP’s product registrations will count toward their chance at being a Top Performer. Three Top Performers also WIN a FREE KNIGHT boiler (up to KHB285 or WHB399). Please visit for full details.

As a reminder, VIP contractors who have not accessed their accounts since October 15, 2020 will need to re-enroll by clicking “Get Started” on If you have any questions, please contact